The purpose of this page is to make the Museum ‘s privacy practices transparent and easy to comprehend.

Types of information

1) personal information, supplied voluntarily
2) impersonal tracking information

Personal information

Personal information is supplied voluntarily from subscriptions, surveys, discussion, or contests.

The Museum  promises not sell, rent, swap or authorize any third party to use your e-mail address or any information that personally identifies you without your permission.

We do not directly collect and store credit card information as these transactions take place on our credit card processing partners’ websites. The Museum also has contracts with other companies to provide services on our behalf, including credit-card and billing processing, e-mail distribution, list processing and analytics management. Information will only be shared with these companies as required to complete purchase and order transactions. Personal information is held under the strictest of confidentiality and adheres to secure information practices.

Impersonal tracking information

Impersonal tracking information (such time spent on site or on a specific story or which article gets the most hits) is used in aggregate form for product development purposes and to generally inform advertisers about the nature of our subscriber base.

Impersonal tracking information is tracked through “cookies” and IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, or the location of your computer on the Internet, and is used only in aggregate forms.


The Museum complies fully with anti-spam laws. We will not share, sell, rent, swap or authorize any third party to use your e-mail address without your permission. If you feel you have received an e-mail from us in error, please contact form here >

How To Contact Us

For any questions or comments regarding our information or security practices, you may contact us

Please Note posts links to external web sites to provide you with broader information. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those sites, please review the privacy policy of any company before submitting personal information.